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Linux-iSCSI(sfnet) and Open-iSCSI projects merged!(April 11, 2005)

After a lot of discussions between the teams the conclusion was reached that taking the open-iscsi source as the basis for the "next generation" of linux-iscsi is the best course of action. See the related announcement.

First bits released!(February 18, 2005)

We are proud to announce first development release. First version is not very usable yet but you'll get the idea.

Official Web site(January 1, 2005)

We've opened official web site and registered new open-iscsi group with google groups.


What is Open-iSCSI?

Open-iSCSI project is a high performance, transport independent, multi-platform implementation of RFC3720. Goals and features:

The data path code lives in the kernel and concerns itself only with moving data. The best performance on any given platform is the major requirement for Open-iSCSI project.
Today's numbers are:

single iSCSI session:

two iSCSI sessions: (single connection, 10GbE network, 2.4Ghz dual Opteron, UNH or IET targets).

It is our strong opinion that existing Initiators bloat the kernel with ever-growing control plane code, including but not limited to: iSCSI discovery, Login (Authentication and Operational phases), session and connection management, connection-level error processing, iSCSI Text, Nop-Out/In handling, iSNS, SLP, Radius...
One of our project's initial and primary requirements: the entire control plane resides in the user space.

User/Kernel interface for Open-iSCSI means - the interface between Control and Data planes. This asynchronous interface is implemented using Netlink Sockets.


Developer's Corner

Build requirements:

Git repository on

To get the current development userspace code used for releases the open-iscsi git tree should be used.

On-line Viewer:

To download the tree run:
git clone git://
cd open-iscsi
git checkout -b my_iscsi_branch origin/iscsi

With older git versions checkout the branch with:
git checkout iscsi

If your distro does not have a git package, it can be downloaded from


- The current stable release: open-iscsi-2.0-873.tar.gz  

- The previous semi-stable release: open-iscsi-2.0-872.tar.gz  

Getting help

Please browse our archives at Google's Open-iSCSI Group. You are welcome to subscribe to the Open-iSCSI mailing list.

How to report a bug

Please submit a bug to the Open-iSCSI mailing list. Thanks a lot!

Who we are

We are developers working part time (in our free time) on the Open-iSCSI project.

Our objective and our work-in-progress: iSCSI Initiator over TCP transport for Linux kernel.

The kernel portion of the Open-iSCSI is written from-scratch and is licensed under GPL. We've been hacking on the Open-iSCSI since October 2004.

Alex Aizman ( & Dmitry Yusupov (